To see the eggs, click the colored egg left to them.

At the Clothing Optional Pool, click on the Pesky Branch that's covering Drew's breasts. Select "Other" and type "Push".
In the Library, click on the beaver on top of the right shelf. Select "Other" and type "Milk". The first time you enter the Jugg's dressing room (next to Johnson's bar at the back deck of the Proud Lil' Seaman Lounge), you will see the Jugg's egg.
After the performance of the Jugg's go on the stage (Proud Lil' Seaman Lounge again) and go to the left. Click on the mixing table, select "Other", type "Feel". Now go to Drew Baringmore and talk about "Fokker".
After winning Strip Liar's Dice from Dewmi, return to her cabin and take the Orgasmic Powder from her table. Make sure you have Drew's suitcase and return to Drew. Talk to Drew. Use the "Orgasmic Powder" on her "Gigantic Erection" drink, click on the drink, select "Other" and type "Drink". Talk to Drew about her suitcase.
Return to Victorianafter her transformation. Before doing anything else, "Left-Click" on the leftmost guy in the shower on her computer display (it shows the shower from Larry 6), while holding the "control-key" on your keyboard. Now just play on. Selecting the topic "Weather" will trigger the second part of the egg.
Go to Captain Queeg's Ballroom, click on Larry, select "Other", type "Dream".
After killing old Boning, but before giving the Insurance Policy to Annette, return to the Owner's Suite. Click on the bulge of the third guy statue at the left, select "Other" and type "Unzip". Now push the doorbell.
The last egg will only show up if you found all Dildo's, scored a maximum 1000 points and found the 7 other eggs. You should look through the credits until the end. Suddenly, just before the alien invasion from outer space, an egg will show up a the top left of the screen.

While in the closeup with Cav, click the hand icon several times on her shirt, AFTER you took the ID card.
While wearing your suit, go to the men's shower room and click your and on the tile that's a bit brighter than the rest.
While sitting on the toilet, click the brochure on Larry and then click the Hand Creme on Larry.
Click the zipper icon on Gary the towel attendant.
Stand behind the plant on the left in your room, you musn't be visible on screen anymore, and then click the talk icon on the plant.

While in the closeup with Chi Chi, click the hand icon several times on the button of her shirt to loosen it.

There's another way of entering Chip and Dale, your filth level must be 5, type [SUCK COCK] while standing in front of Maitre d' and then type [YES].
To avoid the questions in the beginning, press CONTROL+ALT+X.

To avoid the questions in the beginning, press CONTROL+ALT+X in the new version or ALT+X in the old version.

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