Commands are in capitals and between ['s and ]'s

This is the first time Larry goes out.
He opens the door leading to the bar, he sits down at a chair and orders a whiskey. [OPEN DOOR] [SIT] [BUY WHISKEY]
But instead of drinking it, he takes it with him.
Larry stands up and goes north to the hallway, there he sees a man and a rose.
He takes the rose and gives the whiskey to the drunk on the ground. [GET ROSE] [GIVE WHISKY]
In return, he gets a remote controller.
Now he enters the toilet with the door on his right.
First of all, he reads the text on the wall until he sees the message "Ken Sent Me". [READ WALL]
Then he gets seated and has a relief :-)) [SIT]
He stands up, DOESN'T flush the toilet and looks in the sink : there's a ring in there!! [WIPE] [STAND] [LOOK IN SINK]
He takes the ring and leaves the bar. [GET RING]
He whistles a cab. [TAXI]
When the cab's arrived, he enters it and goes to the convenience store. [GET IN] [STORE]
At the end of the ride, he pays the cabbie and gets out. [PAY] [GET OUT]
He sees a telephone and look at it, there's a phone number on it : 555-6969. [LOOK AT PHONE]
He picks up the phone and dials 555-6969 and enters the questions. [USE PHONE]
After this he dials 209-683-6858 (Sierra On-Line's number) [USE PHONE]
Now Larry enters the store and look at the magazines. [LOOK AT MAGAZINES]
He takes one and walks to the back of the store, he takes wine and goes to the clerk. [GET MAGAZINE] [GET WINE]
Even the condoms are cheap today, so he buys one. [BUY CONDOM]
He pays the clerk and leaves the store. (is done automatically)
Larry waits until a bum arrives and gives him the wine. [GIVE WINE]
He now gets a pocket knife, he reads the magazine he bought and finds and interesting article. [READ MAGAZINE]
He calls a cab and returns to Lefty's. [TAXI] [LEFTY'S]
He enters the bar and knocks on the door to the right, when he's asked for the password, [OPEN DOOR] [KNOCK]
he answers KEN SENT ME. [KEN SENT ME]
Okay, the pimp lets him in, but blocks the stairway.
Larry tries the remote and switches channels until he finds a program the pimp finds interesting enough, [USE REMOTE] [SWITCH CHANNEL]
to leave his place at the stairway.
He goes up the stairway and looks at the lady on the bed, that looks fulfilling.
He removes his clothes, puts on his condom and dives on the bed. [STRIP] [WEAR CONDOM] [FUCK HOOKER]
After the censored sign did her job, Larry removes his condom. [REMOVE CONDOM]
Larry decides he wants to leave the premises unnoticed so he opens the window. [OPEN WINDOW]
Before climbing out the window, he gets the candy on the table. [GET CANDY] [CLIMB OUT]
When he's out on the stairway he walks left and falls into a trash container.
He looks in the container and finds a hammer, he takes it with him and climbs out the container. [LOOK IN CONTAINER] [GET HAMMER]
He walks out to the front of Lefty's and calls a cab. [TAXI]
He goes to the casino and enters it. [CASINO]
He walks to the back and takes the disco card out of the ashtray. [GET CARD]
He walks to the right and find a stand up comedian, if he doesn't, he walks left and then again right until he does.
He sits down at the only table that is not reserved. [SIT]
Larry returns to the lobby and plays slots or blackjack until he has about 250 dollars. [PLAY SLOTS] [PLAY BLACKJACK]
He leaves the casino and calls a cab. [TAXI]
This time to the disco. [DISCO]
The bouncer won't let him in until he shows his "borrowed" pass. [SHOW CARD]
Larry sees a beautiful lady and sits down next to her. [SIT]
He looks her straight into her eyes, talks to her a few times and ask her to dance. [LOOK AT WOMAN] [TALK TO WOMAN] [DANCE]
He sits down again, and looks her straight into the eyes, and gives her the rose, the candy, and the ring. [SIT] [LOOK AT WOMAN] [GIVE ROSE] [GIVE CANDY] [GIVE RING]
Fawn says she wants to marry him and ask a hundred bucks. [GIVE MONEY]
Larry gives it to her and leaves the disco.
He calls a cab and speeds to the Wedding Chapel. [TAXI] [WEDDING CHAPEL]
There arrived he talks to the man in the raincoat and then enters the Chapel. [TALK TO MAN] [OPEN DOOR]
When he's married, Larry leaves the Chapel and walks to the left. [MARRY FAWN]
He now enters the casino and goes to the back.
Larry goes into the elevator and presses "4", on the 4th floor he knocks on the door with the heart on it. [FOUR] [KNOCK]
Fawn is waiting for him but isn't in the mood yet, bummer.
Larry turns on the radio and hears the Liquor Commercial. [TURN ON RADIO]
He speeds to the convenience store and uses the phone. [TAXI] [STORE] [USE PHONE]
He dials 555-8039, and orders wine. [WINE] [HONEYMOON SUITE]
Again he uses a cab to return to the casino, and knocks on the honeymoon suite door. [TAXI] [CASINO] [FOUR] [KNOCK]
This time, Fawn seems to be in the mood and he pours the wine. [POUR WINE]
Now Larry's tied to the bed with only ten bucks left.
Now that pocket knife will come in handy, and he cuts himself loose. [USE KNIFE]
He takes the rope with him and leaves the Honeymoon Suite. [GET ROPE]
He goes to the first floor and gambles again until he has about 200 bucks. [PLAY SLOTS] [PLAY BLACKJACK]
Larry calls a cab again and goes back to Lefty's. [TAXI] [LEFTY'S]
He enters the bar, knocks, gives the password and goes upstairs again. [OPEN DOOR] [KNOCK] [KEN SENT ME]
He climbs outside the window and ties the rope to himself and the railing (SAVE!) [CLIMB OUT WINDOW] [TIE ROPE TO ME] [TIE ROPE TO RAILING]
He climb over the railing and breaks the window with the hammer. [CLIMB OVER RAILING] [USE HAMMER]
Larry takes the pills and climbs back. [GET PILLS] [CLIMB BACK]
He removes the rope and falls into the container again. [UNTIE ROPE]
He returns to the casino. [TAXI] [CASINO]
Then he sees a man coming in a barrel selling apples.
Larry decides to buy an apple and goes to the 8th floor of the casino. [BUY APPLE] [EIGHT]
There's a girl sitting behind the counter and he looks at her. [LOOK AT GIRL]
He talks to her, but because this doesn't seem fulfilling, he gives her the pills, then she runs off. [GIVE GIRL PILLS]
Bummer, but he presses the Penthouse elevator call button on the desk, and enters the elevator. [PRESS BUTTON]
Now he is in the penthouse and goes left.
On the left side, there is a closet.
Larry looks in it and finds a doll, what better to do with a doll than inflating it? [OPEN CLOSET] [GET DOLL] [INFLATE DOLL]
Larry knows another trick with the doll : clicking the zipper on it :-) [FUCK DOLL]
After a failed attempt, he tries again but the doll floats away. [FUCK DOLL]
Larry follows the doll and finds a hot tub.
The girl that's sitting in the pool looks at lot better than the doll.
Larry talks to her and gets invited to enter the tub. [TALK TO GIRL]
He undresses and jumps right in. [STRIP]
He look the girl into her eyes and sees how beautiful she is, he begins to talk to her and gives her the apple. [LOOK AT GIRL] [GIVE APPLE]
He realises he found his true love (or is she).

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