Okay, the relationship between Eve and Larry didn't last very long, she kicked him out.
But this doesn't stop him from finding his true love.
He walks into the garage and finds a dollar, which he takes. [GET DOLLAR]
He walks one screen north and on screen east and comes to the Kings Quest Park.
When he sees a jogger, he looks at her. [LOOK AT GIRL]
Now he goes off to find Quiky market, but first he arrives in the alley beside the store.
There is a hole, so he looks through it. [LOOK THROUGH HOLE]
Then he enters the store and buys a lottery ticket. [BUY TICKET]
Larry leaves the store and goes west until he comes at KROD-TV.
He enters the building and shows the ticket to the girl behind the counter. [SHOW TICKET]
Before asking his numbers, the girl tells the winning numbers, so write them down.
Then she asks your numbers and Larry gives the numbers you wrote down.
Okay, now she sends Larry through the back door.
Larry sits down on the couch and waits until a man arrives. [SIT]
Now he's in a dating show, which he wins (by a mere accident :-))
When he's back in the waiting room, he sits again. [SIT]
Now a woman arrives, taking you to the Wheel 'o Fortune (or something)
Again Larry wins, tis time a million dollar bill, and leaves KROD.
He goes to Molto Lira which is one south and one east from KROD.
Larry enters the store and takes a swimsuit. [GET SWIMSUIT]
When he pays, he gets a lot of change. [PAY]
Now he returns to Quiky Market and fills the large soda cup. [FILL CUP]
He pays and leaves Quiky Market to find Swals Drugs. [PAY]
Swals Drug is located south of Quiky Market.
In Swals Drugs, he takes the sunscreen and pays (EXACT LOCATION OF SUNSCREEN BELOW) [BUY SUNSCREEN] [PAY]

Now he returns to Eve's house and finds 2 trashcans.
He searches the cans and finds his passport. [GET PASSPORT]
Larry crosses the street, and enters the barber shop.
He sits down and gets a new? haircut. [SIT]
Before boarding the ship he goes back to the Music store 2 screens north of Eve's house.
He talks to the woman inside and gets an article which causes the whole KGB to chase him. [TALK TO WOMAN]
Now he returns to the barber shop and goes to the right.
He shows the purser his ticket and enters the ship. [SHOW TICKET]
Now Larry's aboard and walks to the left, this is his room.
He takes the fruit [TAKE FRUIT] and opens the door to his right.[OPEN DOOR]
Oh No, that's not the lovely girl, it's her mother.
Larry gets startled and rockets back in his room.
He closes the door and stands behind the cabinet in his room. [CLOSE DOOR]
He puts on his swimming suit and opens the door to Momma :-) again. [WEAR SWIMSUIT] [OPEN DOOR]
Hey, now she's gone and Larry walks to nightstand.
Opening it, reveals a sewing kit which he takes (of course). [OPEN NIGHTSTAND] [GET SEWING KIT]

To delete all traces of burglary, he closes the nightstand and leaves. [CLOSE NIGHTSTAND] [CLOSE DOOR]
Now he goes to the swimming pool (you can see the locations on the map above).
To prevent his skin from burning, he applies sunscreen. [RUB SUNSCREEN]
He lies down, and a woman arrives. [LIE DOWN]
Larry knows it is an agent of Dr. Nonnookee and doesn't go with her.
He stands up and jumps in the pool. [STAND UP]
Larry drowns if you don't do anything.
Okay, he starts swimming and goes to the middle of the pool. [SWIM]
Now SAVE your game, this can be tricky on fast computers.
He dives down and sees a bikini top, which he takes. [DIVE] [TAKE TOP]
The he swim up to the surface again and climbs out the pool. [CLIMB OUT]
He returns to his room and wears his suit again. [WEAR SUIT]
If you get the message that Larry goes for a sleep, you took too long to do everything.
Just restore then.
Now he goes to the rotating diner and takes the spinach dip. [TAKE DIP]
Hmm, nice dip.... he now goes to the barber and sits. [SIT]
He now has a wig.
He goes to the captain, walks up to the lever and pushes it. [PUSH LEVER]
Okay, Larry did it again, he killed the ship, and now he must go to the lifeboats.
He stands to the closest one and jumps right in. [JUMP]
Now you sees a picture while you can still type commands.
Larry rubs sunscreen. [RUB SUNSCREEN]
Larry wears the wig. [WEAR WIG]
Larry throws the dip overboard, 'cause it's rotten. [THROW AWAY DIP]
That's it, after a long time he arrives on an island and goes south into the jungle.
When he's standing next to some flowers, he takes them. [TAKE FLOWERS]
After a while he's arrived in a restaurant and talks to the man. [TALK TO MAN]
Then he sits down, and waits. [SIT]
Then he's got himself a table but doesn't eat the food, he walk to the buffet and takes the knife. [GET KNIFE]
He leaves the restaurant and comes in the jungle again.


Larry now enters a guestroom and here, he takes the soap and the matches. [GET SOAP] [GET MATCHES]
He leaves and arrives at, SIGH!!, a barber, he again sits down and get long blond hair. [SIT]
Now he leaves the barber and gets on the beach again, he goes left and takes the bikini. [GET BIKINI]
He re-enters the jungle until he's back at the guestroom.
There he walks to the end and to the right, and wears the bikini. [WEAR BIKINI]
For the finishing touch, he puts his dough in the top. [PUT DOUGH IN TOP]
He leaves, and arrives at the barber again, after a very painful method, Larry gor rid of his body hair. [SIT]
He leaves the barber and walks to the right on the beach, he walks past the KGB agents to the cliff.
When he's at the end of the cliff, but before the airport, he switches clothes again. [WEAR SUIT]
At the airport, there are 2 people in front of the door, so Larry stands in front of them and throws the flowers. [THROW FLOWERS]
Now he enters the airport and goes to the barber shop, left and then through the door.
This time, the barber is a woman so he pays more attention to her. [LOOK AT WOMAN]
He sits down and gets another haircut. [SIT]
He leaves and goes two times right and shows the man his passport, now he may go further right and look at the suitcases. [SHOW PASSPORT]
When he sees a suitcase with army colors, he picks it up, and walks away. [GET SUITCASE]
When the bomb's exploded, the waiting line is cleared, so Larry can buy a ticket. [BUY TICKET]
Again he show his passport to the man securing the gate and goes right twice. [SHOW PASSPORT]
Now, he buys food, but doesn't eat it, instead, he gets the pin out of it. [BUY FOOD] [GET PIN]
He walks up to the large machine and buys insurance. [BUY INSURANCE]
Now Larry walk up conveyor belt.
When he's arrived at gate #1 he takes a pamphlet and then show the man his ticket. [GET PAMPHLET] [SHOW TICKET]
He walks in the airplane and waits until he gets seated.
When the plane has departed, Larry gives the man next to him the pamphlet. [GIVE PAMPHLET]
Next thing to do is get an airsick bag. [GET AIRSICK BAG]
Now he stands up and walks to the back of the plane. [STAND]

He puts on the parachute. [WEAR PARACHUTE]
And look of the door in the plane, which is marked on the map.
He uses the pin, then pulls the handle and opens the door. [USE PIN] [PULL HANDLE] [OPEN DOOR]
Now he's falling, he opens his parachute and lands on Nontoonyt Island! [OPEN PARACHUTE]
He lands in the trees, so he cuts himself loose. [CUT ROPE]
Nearby lies a stick, so he picks it up. [GET STICK]
Now all he's gotta do is watch out for the killer bees, so he crawls under the bush at the right place. [CRAWL UNDER BUSH]
Next there's a snake, but cleverly, Larry uses his stick. [USE STICK]
And now he must cross quiksand, but he sees a trail of lighter colorod pixels.
When he's crossed he still has to go over a river which is full of piranha fish.
So he swings the vines above it. [SWING VINE] [SWING VINE] [SWING VINE] Hint!!! The best way to do this is to use the F3 key.
Then he picks up a loose vine and walks to the right. [GET VINE]
This is his first encounter with Kalalau.
Okay, after a major scene, Larry returns to the beach and get some sand. [GET SAND]
Now he goes back in the village, and picks up some ashes. [GET ASHES]
He returns to the ledge and throws his vine, while standing at the edge. [THROW VINE]
Then he goes to the ice and throws ashes, or sand. [SPREAD ASHES]
He walks up the volcano and goes standing next to the hole and puts the bag in the bottle. [PUT THE BAG IN THE BOTTLE]
If it doesn't work move a bit and try again.
Then he lights the bag and drops the bottle. [LIGHT BAG] [DROP BOTTLE] Now he walks and falls down, and you've finished the game.

OK, next game's Leisure Suit Larry 3 : Passionate Patti in Pursuit of the Pulsating Pectorals!

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