Since the marriage with Kalalau, the island has undergone great changes.
It's now a tourist trap with everything on it.

But still, there's a plaque added in his honor.
At the rail of the ledge, there are two binoculars, the rightmost is broken, so Larry looks to the left one. [LOOK THROUGH BINOCULARS]
Wow, what a view!!.

After this view, he walks off the ledge and goes to the home, to the left.
There, his wife tells him to get lost because she has another lover.
Startled, he goes right until he sees a phonebooth coming out of the ground.
He walks in and is BACK!!!!
He walks back to his house, and opens the mailbox. [OPEN MAILBOX]
He looks in it and finds a credit card.
Larry returns right and picks up some wood which is lying on the floor. [GET WOOD]
It seems this wood got some rough shapes.
He continues right, and comes to a fountain, he goes left here and enters Natives. Inc.
But since his marriage with Kalalau is over, his boss bowls him out, litterally.
He walks back to the fountain and goes south.
On the beach, ther's a tourist enjoying the sun.
Larry can't keep his eyes off her, and looks at her twice. [LOOK AT GIRL] [LOOK AT GIRL]
Then he talks to her a few times and gives her his credit card. [TALK TO GIRL] [TALK TO GIRL] [TALK TO GIRL] [GIVE CREDIT CARD]

He goes back north and walks to the stairs.
Larry sharpens his knife on these stairs and carves the wood. [SHARPEN KNIFE ON STAIRS] [CARVE WOOD]
Then Larry goes to find Chip & Dale, if you don't know where this is, I recommend you spending some time exploring the island.
There arrived, Larry cuts the grass with his knife. [CUT GRASS WITH KNIFE]
And then he makes a skirt out of it. [MAKE SKIRT]
Then he goes back to the foutain and walks behind the stairs to the right.
He walks to the sink and gets the soap. [GET SOAP]
Larry changes his clothes while standing in a booth. [WEAR SKIRT]
Now he goes back to the beach.

After a little scene, Larry earned 20 bucks, then he returns to the dressing booths, and wears his suit again. [WEAR SUIT]
Now he enters the casino with the stairs and then goes north, and the left until he enters the showroom's lobby.
He walks up to the maitre'd and show his ticket. [SHOW TICKET]
Then he gives his money and enters the show.

After this show he waits in the lobby and talks to her. [TALK TO WOMAN]
It seems that Cherri want some farmland, so Larry offers it to her. [OFFER LAND]
Larry leaves the casino and speeds to the Lawyer's office Dewey, Cheatem and Howe.
He enters and asks the man behind the counter for a land deed. [ASK FOR DEED]
He sends Larry to a lawyer.
He sits on the couch, asks for a deed and a decree. [SIT] [ASK FOR DEED] [ASK FOR DIVORCE DECREE]
Then he goes to the Comedy Hut (right of Chip & Dale) and goes inside.
He sits down and watches the show until the entertainer transformed himself into a duck.

Before leaving he talks to the two men at the lower left table. [TALK TO AL]
He returns to the lawyer's office and ask for his deed. [ASK FOR DEED]
He gets the deed and returns to the lobby of the showroom.
Larry knocks on the door and gives her the deed. [KNOCK]
Now he is the main part of the show, so he decides to dance. [DANCE].
Now Larry got 500 dollars and goes right, to admire himself in the mirror. [LOOK IN MIRROR]
He now returns to the lawyer's office and gives Roger his money. [PAY MAN]
Larry finalizes his decree and returns to the showroom's lobby and opens the door. [OPEN DOOR]
He walks to his suit and wears it again. [WEAR SUIT]
He looks at the decree and finds a keycard. [LOOK AT DECREE]
He walks to the right and enters the lounge.
Here Patti play the piano.
Lary sits down and asks her to play a request. [SIT] [PLAY A REQUEST]
He looks at her, talks to her and tries to make a date. [LOOK GIRL] [TALK TO GIRL] [MAKE DATE]
Too bad she doesn't want to date married men.
He shows his decree and tries to make a date again. [SHOW DECREE]
She wants Larry to have some muscles.
Larry leaves and goes back to the beach, hey there's a towel here. [LEAVE] [STAND UP]
So Larry gets it and goes to Fat City Health Spa. [GET TOWEL]
Inside Fat City Larry walks to the leftmost door and inserts his keycard. [INSERT KEYCARD]
Now he's in the locker room, he turns his keycard and finds the locker number and three names of advertizers. [TURN KEYCARD]
He walks to locker 69 :-) (Shown Below) and opens it. [OPEN LOCKER]

This opening part is quite simple, but it's part of the copy protection.
There are 3 numbers to open, and 3 advertizers on the keycard.
So look in Your Guide To Nontoonyt Island for the advertizers.
Note on which page it's located, so if the first advertizer would be The Comedy Hut and The Comedy Hut would be on page 4
Then the first locker number would be 4.
Ok, that wasn't so hard, and Larry wears the sweatsuit, closes the locker and goes rightmost door. [WEAR SWEATSUIT] [CLOSE LOCKER]
He uses a machine until he gets a message and does this on all four machines. [USE MACHINE] (4X)
This is tricky, on fast pentium's the number to get is very high.
On a pentium 233 it's about 600 times on all machines, so don't be afraid if you don't get the message.
After the workout, and a nice "The Incredible Dork" tune, Larry returns to the locker and opens it again. [OPEN LOCKER]
He gets the towel, closes it again and goes to the shower (leftmost door). [GET TOWEL] [CLOSE LOCKER]
He turns on the faucet and uses the soap. [TURN ON FAUCET] [USE SOAP]

Now he turns off the faucet and returns to the locker. [TURN OFF FAUCET]
Larry opens the locker and uses the towel. [OPEN LOCKER] [USE TOWEL]
He uses the deodorant and wears his suit again. [USES DEODORANT] [WEAR SUIT]
Larry closes the locker and leaves the locker room. [CLOSE LOCKER]
He opens the door in the back and sees a girl recording a video. [OPEN DOOR WITH KEYCARD]
Larry look at her and talks to her a few times. [LOOK AT GIRL] [TALK TO GIRL] [TALK TO GIRL] [TALK TO GIRL]
It seems that she needs help with the video, so Larry helps her. [HELP GIRL WITH VIDEO].
As a "Thank you" he gets a nice ride on the tanning machine :-)).
Larry returns to the casino's lounge and talks to Patti again. [SIT] [LOOK AT GIRL] [TALK TO GIRL]
He tries to make a date again [MAKE DATE] but she still refuses, she want's a present now.
Larry goes back to Chip & Dale and walks left through the rocks. [LEAVE] [STAND UP]
He has a nice view and takes some flowers. [GET FLOWERS]
Larry returns to the casino and makes a lei. [MAKE LEI]
He goes to the lounge, gives the lei and tries to make a date again. [SIT] [LOOK GIRL] [TALK TO GIRL] [GIVE LEI] [MAKE DATE]
YES!!!!!!!!, he got a date.
Now, only she wants is a bottle of wine.
Larry goes to The Comedy Hut and gets the bottle there. [GET WINE]
Before going to Patti, he returns to the beach and gets a nice tan. [SPREAD TOWEL]

Now he's ready so, he returns to the casino and goes right to the elevators, he presse a button and waits. [PRESS BUTTON]
When he's in the elevator he presses nine. [PUSH NINE]
Patti's waiting for him and puts down the wine. [PUT DOWN WINE]
After a cut-scene they both fall asleep and Patti dreams of breaking up with her boyfriend.
She says his name and Larry leaves, disappointed to the bamboo forest.
As Patti wakes up, she wears all her clothes and gets the bottle. [WEAR BRA] [WEAR PANTY] [WEAR PANTYHOSE] [WEAR GOWN] [GET BOTTLE]

She enters the elevator and goes to one. [PUSH ONE]
She goes to the lounge and looks at her piano. [LOOK AT PIANO]
There's still a tip glass so she takes it. [GET TIP GLASS]
She walks to the blackboard and takes the marker. [GET MARKER]

She walks out the casino, she goes right behind the stairs and fills her bottle. [FILL BOTTLE]
Now Patti drinks some water before she continues her quest. [DRINK WATER]

She returns to Chip & Dale and talks to the man. [TALK TO MAN]
For some money he will let her in, so she gives her money. [GIVE MONEY]
Inside, she sits down and waits. [SIT]
When Dale's on stage, she throws her panty. [THROW PANTY TO DALE]
After a while Dale walks through the people, so she talks to him. [TALK TO DALE]
She looks at him and talks to him. [LOOK AT DALE] [TALK TO DALE]
He gives her a little clue how to win the bamboo forest.
Patti leaves and enters the bamboo forest. [LEAVE] [STAND UP]

Now, the route to follow goes like this.
N = North, E = East, S = South, W = West

After a little while, Patti crawls over the ground.
Then she drinks the water. [DRINK WATER]
When's she out of it, she walks to the stream and drink some water. [DRINK WATER]

Now she walks to the rock at the edge and removes her pantyhose. [REMOVE PANTYHOSE]
So what? Nobody's around.
She ties it to the the rock and goes down. [TIE PANTYHOSE TO ROCK]

She falls onto a ledge and sees some plants.
She takes the plants and makes a rope. [GET DOPE] [MAKE ROPE]
She climbs in the tree and gets a few coconuts. [CLIMB TREE] [GET NUTS]
She climbs down and throws the rope. [CLIMB DOWN] [THROW ROPE]
Now she ties the rope to the tree. [TIE ROPE TO TREE]
Because crossing the canyon is pretty dangerous, she makes a safety harnass. [RIP DRESS]

Now she crosses the canyon and she walks to the left in the jungle.
Because of monster activity here, she removes her bra and puts some nuts in it. [REMOVE BRA] [PUT NUTS IN BRA]
When the monster show up, she trows her bra and walks north to the water. [THROW BRA]
Then she puts the log in the water and rides it. [MOVE LOG IN WATER] [RIDE LOG]
now, save your game and leapfrog it.
OK, OK, I'll explain, save you game twice on the water, call 'em Leapfrog1 and Leapfrog2.
After a few rocks save to Leapfrog2, and a few rocks again save Leapfrog1 again.
Just repeat this.
If you save at a point that immediately crashes you, restore the other Leapfrog again and try again.
This method is quite good, so you don't have to start over again.
Ok, if you press F8 while riding, you miss points.
After the river, you're catched and put in a cage.
But one good thing is that you're with Larry.

But Patti's got her marker and this way, they escape. [USE MARKER]
After a long fall, the end up on the Police Quest Scene.
Just walk around, when you arrive at Space Quest, go to the machine and unplug it. [UNPLUG MACHINE]
Then they arrive at Kings Quest, they meet Roberta Williams and go work for Sierra.

Next game : Leisure Suit Larry 4! No, it isn't here, huh??? Hey Al, would you make this game for us???
Scratch that one, er.... NEXT GAME : Leisure Suit Larry 5!!!

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