At the beginning of this adventure, Larry has amnesia and works for a company called PornProdCorp.
From a meeting room, somebody yells for coffee, so Larry gets the coffee and walks in.

But what Larry doesn't know is that in the meeting was decided that a real dork should try to score with the sexiest woman in America.
Too bad Larry doesn't fit this description, or.....
When Larry walks in, and serves this coffee excellent.
This means he's selected to score with those chicks, and gets a little camera to record his progress.
Now Larry walks into his video room in the hallway left in the back of the room with the water cooler.

Here he opens all the drawers and finds his battery charger.
Then he takes the tapes left op the TV in the foreground.
Larry degausses these tapes and washes his hands at the barrel.
Before leaving, he listen one more time to the little radio and then leaves.

He opens the door to the north and opens the upper drawer of the rightmost cabinet.
In his inventory, he opens all three resumes and finds all sorts of stuff.
Then he takes the credit card and leaves this room.
He look at the trophy right of the needle-plant.
Then he takes a drink from the water-cooler and leaves the building.
When he's outside, he look at the statue, wow, what shapes, and relieves himself in the fountain.
Then he enters the limo and drives to the airport.

At the airport, he walks to the ATM-machine and inserts his credit card.
He selects New York and takes the boarding pass.
In New York, Larry should meet with Michelle Milkens, that's promising.
He walks into the the airport and shows his ticket to the camera.
Now he's in the VIP-room and when the NOW-BOARDING sign is flashing, he inserts his boarding pass.
In the airplane, he takes the magazine under his seat and then falls asleep.

Pati's playing at a bar but because there aren't many drinks sold, she's fired without getting paid.
When she's outside, a man in a trench coat is waiting for her, clearly and FBI-agent.
Inspector Desmond asks her if she wants to help arresting a gang spreading illegal tapes.
Because of her musical talents, it wouldn't be a problem for her to infiltrate the gang.
Patti agrees and goes to the lab with him.

In the lab, Patti looks at all the workers, which is a very learning and amusing experience.
Then she's prepared for the mission.
She returns to the room and takes the dataman and one datapack.
She walks left and sees the hooter-shooter, which she takes, and puts it on.

She walks outside and enters the limo.
She calls Desmond with the contact phone number she got, and takes the fax that comes out the fax machine.
Then she leaves the limo and goes inside the building again to take the remaining datapack.
She re-enters the limo and takes the champagne.
Now she's ready, she insert the Reverse Biaz datapack in the dataman and shows it to the driver.
Meanwhile, Larry arrived in New York.
He leaves the VIP-room and look at all the commercial signs and finds a phone number for a limo-company. (552-4668)
Then he takes the coins in the charity canister.
He walks left and inserts the battery charger in the outlet, then he inserts the camera until the battery reads 100%
Now he takes the charger and the camera and inserts a cassette tape into it.
He walks right to the phones and inserts the quarter in the only working phone.
Larry dials the limo-company (552-4668) and walks outside.
The limo's arrived and he gets in.
He shows the napkin (from the resumes) and heads to the Hard Disk Cafe.
In the limo he finds a DayTrotter and takes it.
Opening the DayTrotter, Larry finds money and a stack of credit cards.
When he's arrived at the Hard Disk Cafe, he gets out the limo and walks behind the left plant to relieve himself.
He goes inside and reads he article in the magazine he got from the airplane.
He talks to the man and finally gets a ticket.
Now he inserts the punched tape into the music box.

Then he inserts the tape into the machine net to the door and goes in.
He sits down at the table and waits until Michelle Milkens arrives, he looks at her and stands up.
He again puts his tape into the machine next to the door where Michelle walked through.
When he's inside, he sits down at the little table and talks to Michelle.
When he's seated at her table, he turns on the camera and talks to her.
Then he gives her the money, the credit cards and finally the DayTrotter.
He gets a surprise, he won't forget.
When he's inside the lobby again, he turns off the camera and inserts another tape into the camera.

Then he uses the phone to dial the limo company. (552-4668)
Then he goes back to the airport.
At the airport he buys a boarding pass to Atlantic City and goes inside
He charges the camera again and goes into the VIP-room.
Again he inserts the boarding pass and heads to Atlantic City.
Meanwhile Patti's arrived at the building where Des Rever Records is located.
(I hope everyone got the name Des Rever : ReverseD :-))
She looks at the blackboard and looks at the Des Rever Records, 9th floor.
She talks to the sleeping guard and shows the dataman.

Now she's at Des Rever Records.
She takes the gold record and plays it on the record player.
Listening at it with speed 33 and 78 reveals 2 messages.
And again she listens at it with speed 33 and 78 but this time backwards.
She get the record again, opens the door to the north and plays the piano.
After the successful recording, she enters the control room and feed Biaz drunk to get a tape.
She leaves the building and enters the limo again, this time she shows the fax and heads to K-RAP.

In the meanwhile (YAWN) Larry's arrived in Atlantic City to find Lana Luscious.
He leaves the VIP-room and looks at all the commercial signs again.
Again, he finds a limo-company number. (553-4468)
He walks left and finds a quarter in one of the gambling machines.
He dials the limo-company and goes outside.
Larry gets inside the limo and shows the book of matches.
After a short trip, Larry gets out at Tramp Casino and talks to the womand outside.
If he guesses the number she's thinking of, he gets 10 dollars.
Then Larry enters the casino and plays Poker until he's got 570 dollars.
Now he goes north and pays the bouncers 25 bucks for the show.
He sits down and looks at the girl on stage.
After the show he hears the message, that in a short while, the mud wrestling will begin.
Definately a reason to come back.

Larry leaves the casino and goes right onto the boardwalk.
He goes right until he finds the store Ivana Skates.
There, he goes inside and rents some skates.
He gives his camera in returns as a pledge.
Larry goes outside, and sits down on the bench.
He wears his skates and skates around until he sees Lana Luscious.
He skates to her and talks to her, they sit down and she invites him to the mus wrestling.
Then he leaves and returns to Ivana Skates again, there he sits down on the couch and removes his skates.
Larry goes inside and gives Ivana the skates, and gets his camera back.

Then he goes back to the casino to the mud wrestling.
He turns on the camera and gives the bouncer 500 bucks.
In the mud box, he touches all the body part he can, and the tension goes to high.
They go out the box and Larry humiliates himself and her.
Cause? He isn't used to doing it (and who is) for a public of 900 people.

He turns off the camera and goes outside the casino.
Larry talks to the man to get a limo and gets inside.
He returns to the Airport.
At the airport, he buys a boarding pass to Miami.
He enters the building and charges his camera for the last time.
Again, he inserts an empty tape and enters the VIP-room.
He board the plane to Miami and falls asleep.
At this time, Patti's arrived at K-RAP and goes inside.
The secretary is gone, so she looks at the fax and uses the control panel next to the door.
She enters the code (45954) and goes inside.
Patti searches the flower pot and finds a key.

Then she takes the letter opener from the desk, you might never know if an armed person would come in.
With the key, she unlocks the desk drawer and searches it.
She finds a number code which is important, so she writes it down.
Further, the drawer, contains a file which contains important information.
She reads it and copies it on the Xerox machine.
But alas, the copyier explodes, so she only got a part from the file.
Then she replaces the letter opener.
She puts back the file into the drawer, then the key into the flower pot, and goes left.
She finds a shower, so she can wash off all that ink from the copier.

But the shower, is a secret elevator so she goes down naked.
After a humiliating ride, she takes the clothes and goes right to Control Room B.
With the access code she found in the drawer, she opens the door.

She takes a reel and puts it on the left of the recording table.
She messes around with the controls and hears the conversation.
Then she records the converstion.
But unfortunately, PC-Hammer sees the recording sign and blocks the door.

She rewinds the reel, and takes it, then she adjusts the microphone.
She puts the volume of the speakers up and yells through the microphone.

Then she leaves K-RAP and goes back to the FBI.
Now Larry has his last girl to score with.
He arrives at the airport and checks the commercial sign again.
This time he finds 2 numbers : Green Cards = 554-1272 and a limo-company = 554 8544.
He walks left and takes 2 quarters from the machines and dials the Green Cards number, and then the limo company.
Lary goes outside, gets the green card from the trash and gets in the limo.
He shows the Doc Pulliam's card and goes to the dentist.
He reads the card and finds the phone numbers of Doc Pulliams's (554-3627)

Larry knocks on the window 2 times and answers the questions (2x yes, 2x no, 6x yes, 3x no).
But the appointment is a long time from now, so he takes the phone and spoofes the bunch again by dialing Doc Pulliam's.(554-3627)
He takes the lace doily from the table and puts it around his head.
Now he knocks on the window again and can enter.

He turns on the camera and looks at Chi Chi.
After a while of trying to undo her button, it releases, showing her breasts.
Then he talks to her and learns that she's an illegal.
So, he gives her the Green Card and they go down to the gym, so she can thank him.
Too bad for larry, that all goes wrong.

So, he turns off the camera and goes back inside the waiting room to dial the limo company. (554-8544)
He returns to the airport, and buys a boarding pass to LA.
Larry enters the airplane and suddenly, the ride goes down, he goes to the cockpit, and presses "AutoPilot".

Then he lands the plane and get a welcome from a lot of reporters.
He's invited to the White House, and to his surprise he finds his true love there.

Then they all talk until Julius draws a gun.
Now Patti shoots him with the Hooter Shooter.

Now Patti and Larry are invited to go to camp David with the president.
Well, a good end, Larry's together again with Patti, but he should try not to show those tapes, his experiences weren't really good.
OK then, next game : Leisure Suit Larry 6 Shape Up Or Slip Out!

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