As Larry begin, he is on a luxurous Health Spa, filled with women.
He walks into the Lobby and talks to the woman behind the front desk.
Larry gets his room key, and talks to her again, just to learn her "little" problem.
He walks upstairs and unlocks the door to his room.
Wow, on first sights, it looks pretty good.
On the table are three card, Larry reads the pink one, the blue one and the red one.
Larry uses the telehone, and dials the Turn Down Service.
Then, he calls rooms service, and stands up.
He walks into the bathroom and's all out of supplies.
So, Larry rushes back to the phone, and dials Housekeeping.
Larry walks out his room, and finds a maid's cart.
He looks at it, and takes : toilet paper, soap, hand creme, a towel, and a washcloth.
Then he walks away and looks at the back of the cart.
From here, he takes : toilet seat covers, dental floss Then, he unlocks his room again, and walks into the bathroom.
He turns on the faucet in the sink, and wash.... YUCK!!.
It's brown.
Larry quikly leaves this mess and dials Maintenance.
Fine, Larry goes outside his room, and goes back downstairs.
In the lobby, he takes a room key from the key deposit, and he returns to his room.
He takes the condom from the bed and enters the bathroom.
Hey, the plumber's arrived, so Larry cleverly takes a wrench and a file from him.
Larry talks to the plumber and leaves the bathroom.
When he attempts to leave his room, the plumber arrives, and says he's finished.
Wow, fast worker.
So, Larry enters the bathroom again, and turns on the faucet.
Finally, crystal clear water, and he puts the soap into the sink, to wash his hands.
Then he uses the washcloth in the sink to wash his face, and wets the washcloth.
Then, he uses the zipper on the toilet, and after the mighty piss, he uses the toilet seat cover on the toilet.
After he's finished his duties, he uses the toilet paper to wipe.
Larry leaves the bathroom and takes the flowers in the flower pot, and leaves the room, to go downstairs.
In the Lobby, Larry goes left and opens the door to the north.
He takes the brochure from the desk, and enters the leftmost door.
In this room, he sees a lot of flowers and gives the flowers from his room to the woman.
After a very painful experience, he gets an orchid.
Larry returns to the Hotel Lobby and goes right, he enters the door to the north and finds the dining room.
He walks through the swinging doors, and puts his hand in the trash can.
Larry finds a can of lard and takes it.
Now, he returns to the Health Spa Lobby and goes through the door left of the towel attendant.
He's entered the locker room.
Larry walks north and enters the shower room.
Hey, that tile on the right wall looks off-color.
Larry removes the tile, and has a great view.
(Exact location of the tile below)
He continues north to enter the mud baths room.
He sees some plants standing on the stairs, so he removes them.
Larry walks onto the stairs, and uses the wrench with the camera to turn it.
Now, it looks into the women's shower, too bad Larry doesn't know, where the viewscreen is!
Larry walks to the door to the right, and talks to the women next to the girl on the bunshaker.
This is Thunderbird, he talks to her and learns she wants some handcuffs.
Larry leaves her, where can he find handcuffs?
He returns to the hotel lobby and goes south.
Larry walks into the little gatehouse, and finds the guard.
Larry carefully takes the handcuffs and leaves.
He returns to Thunderbird, and notices the girl on the Bunshaker is gone.
(If she isn't leave and re-enter the room a few times)
Larry takes the rubber belt and goes back to the Health Spa lobby.
He eners the rightmost door, and greases the piston on the left with the lard.
The yellow hose has a big hole in it, so Larry uses the belt from the Bunshaker to fix it.
He loosens the lid of the tank which is attached left to the yellow hose with the wrench.
Then he opens the lid and takes the filter.
Larry speeds to the kitchen, and washes the filter in the sink.
Now he returns to the Cellulite Drainage Salon, and inserts the filter back into the tank.
He closes the lid, and tightens it again with the wrench.
Then, he pulls the big lever and.......
YES, it works!!!!!!!!
He returns to the Hotel Lobby and tells Gammie he fixed the machine.
They arrive in the Salon, and Larry hooks Gammie up the machine.
(Just click those thing hanging above the table she's lying on)
Larry pulls the lever, and the machine begins to suck.
Gammie tells Larry she wants an orange, so Larry goes to the kitchen.
He opens the fridge, but doesn't find an orange.
Instead, he puts that wet washcloth in the fridge.
He leaves the kitchen, and looks around in the dining room.
Darn, he can't find an orange.
Wait a sec. Larry messes around in the ice on the buffet bar, and finds an orange.
Yes, Larry goes to Gammie and gives her the orange.
Now she wants a cool cloth on her face.
Hey, what a coincidence, Larry has put a washcloth in the fridge a while ago.
So he goes to the kitchen, opens the fridge, takes the washcloth, closes the fridge and returns to Gammie.
He gives her the washcloth, and she says she wants a bottle of mineral water.
Larry walks to the Hotel Lobby, and walks right thinking about this.
When he continues right, he sees a little tray with a bottle of mineral water on it!!.
(This is just a mere simulation of life, anything's possible here.)
He takes the bottle, and returns to Gammie.
Larry gives her the water, and then turns the machine off.
She leaves him without having sex.
Well, off to somebody else, hey, that girl in the weight room.
Yeah, Larry returns to the weight room, and talks to Thunderbird.
He gives her the handcuffs and she leaves.
Larry walks back to the Hotel Lobby and goes left from there until he arrives at a screen with three guest doors.
He knocks on the right on, no, that's not it, and then on the middle one.
Thunderbird opens the door, and it seems she likes SM.
After a VERY painful experience, Larry wakes up on the bed in his room.
He looks at the dog collar in his inventory, and removes the collar from the diamond.
Larry leaves his room, and goes into the Hotel Lobby.
He walks left until he's out of the hotel, then he walks north, to the beach.
On the beach, he puts his hands in the sand, and digs up a lamp.
Then he returns to the Cellulite Drainage Salon, and fills the lamp on the spigot.
Larry returns to the weights room, and opens the door to the right.
Now he's in the gym.
He walks onto the free step, and has a nice workout, that means : A TOTAL DISASTER.
After the girls are gone, he talks to the instructor, and takes the badge from her shirt.
He opens the door to the right, and finds the swimming pool.
Larry takes the beaver that's lying around and goes through the opening to the east.
He's back in the hallway, and goes down the stairs to the right.
This is the blues bar, Larry trips over the MIC cord, and disconnects it.
Then he talks to Burgundy and learns she wants some beer.
Larry looks at the bar and takes a match. (who would need matches in a HEALTH Spa?)
He goes up the stairs again, and walks right until he's out of the hotel.
Larry inserts the keycard in the gate, and enters the campground.
He walks inside the tent, and takes a six-pack of beer from the barrel on the ground.
Then he speeds back to the Blues Bar, trips over the chord, and gives Burgundy the six-pack.
He leaves and returns to the campground again.
There he takes another six-pack and returns to Burgundy.
He gives it to her, and she wants to meet him in the sauna.
Then Larry goes to the men's locker room, and opens the lower right locker.
Larry uses the towel on himself and goes to the mud baths.
He enters the left left door to the north, and enters the sauna.
After a scene in which he AGAIN didn't get any, he takes the bracelet.
Larry returns to the shower room, and takes a shower.
Then he returns to the mud baths, and jumps right in one.
He leaves the mud bath room, and takes a shower again.
In the locker room, he opens his locker, and puts on his clothes again.
He leaves the Health Spa Lobby and enters the stair the left.
This is the Make-Up room.
Larry looks on the ground and takes the cord.
He talks to the woman on the right, and learns she wants an evening gown.
Hey, didn't Burgundy wear one of those?
Yes, so Larry returns to the Blues Bar and walks up on stage.
Then he walks backstage and takes the gown.
Larry returns to Shablee, and gives her the gown.
In the evening, Larry talks to Shablee, kisses her a few times, and gives the condom.
This time, he had a not so fun experience.
The next morning, Larry's in his bathroom, and goes back to the beach.
The champagne is still lying on the floor, so he takes it and goes to the mud baths.
He talks to the girl in the mud bath and learns she wants some batteries.
Then he goes back to the Hotel Lobby, and looks around for the tram. (a toilet with an umbrella on a skateboard)
He talks to the man on it and rides.
Larry rides the tram, until they end up outside the hotel, with the gate to the campground.
The driver stands up and mopes a bit.
Larry talks to him, and finds out he wants to smoke a cigar but doesn't have a match.
So Larry gives his match, and the driver walks away.
Larry quikly opens the hood of the tram, and disconnects the power cable with the wrench.
Then the driver returns, and wants to ride away.
Since Larry disconnected the power cable, the tram won't work.
Larry offers some help to the driver, and receives his flashlight.
Larry opens the flashlight and gets the batteries from it.
Then he gives the flashlight to the driver.
Now he returns to the mud baths and gives Charlotte the batteries.
She wants to enter the Electroshock Exercise Center, but the door's locked.
Larry uses his hand on the cord to strip one end and plugs it in.
He uses the cord with the door, and zaps the lock.
Larry opens the door, and Charlotte says she'll join him soon.
While she's gone, Larry checks out the room, and she walks in.
She rubs him in, and hooks him up.
After a shocking experience, Larry wakes up in his room.
He returns to the Electroshock Exercise Center and takes the pearl the girl dropped.
Larry returns to the Blues Bar and takes a match.
Then he goes to the swimming pool, and looks at the floating bar.
He takes the sunglasses case, and opens it.
He takes the sunglasses and the cleaning cloth from it.
With the dental floss, Larry makes a swimsuit.
He leaves the pool, and goes to the kitchen.
Larry uses the beaver on the taco truck tire.
Now that his floating device is full of air, (like Larry's head :-D), does he return to the pool.
He wears his swimsuit, and talks to the lifeguard to receive the bungee tower key.
Then he opens the door to the bungee tower, and climb the ladder. feet above the ground, the lifeguard won' notice him.
So he uses the file on the random room key to make a bungee tower key copy!
(Don't bother with the soap impression.)
The only way down, is to jump.
In the pool, he uses the beaver to float and goes to the bar.
He slaps the tail of his beaver, and orders a drink for himself and the girl next to him.
Then he talks to her and learns she loves bungee jumping.
So he gives the bungee tower copy, and they'll jump down together tonight.
Later that night, they climb up, and when they're on the top platform, Larry undresses and learns the words of wisdom.
He wakes up in his room, and leaves.
Outside his room, he sees and ice machine, and uses the Champagne on it.
Then he goes to the kitchen and opens the dumbwaiter.
He goes inside, and presses the red button.
Now he's in the penthouse.
He uses his zipper with the match, to light it and then lights the lamp with the match
Then he walks left onto the balcony.
This is Shamara, he looks at her, and talks to her a few times.
He gives her the following items : Silver Bracelet, Orchid, Pearl, Diamond, Sculpture, Words Of Wisdom, The Lamp Of Knowledge, and the Chilled Champage.

So, if you want to know how this love ends, read the Leisure Suit Larry 7 Walkthrough, and/or buy the game!

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