When you've arrived on the ship, look around where everything is and stuff.
Or, maybe I'll place a map sometime (when I've got enough web space)

When Larry begins, Shamara hates all this New Philosophy crap.
She dumps him and puts a cigarette is his mouth.
Because he doesn't smoke (REAL men don't smoke) he spits it out, and the bed starts to burn.
Okay then, that's another fine mess you got yourself in, Larry.
He takes the Vice Grips and The Lil' Hair Weave kit from the nightstands.
Then he opens the little Hair Weave kit, revealing a needle inside.
Quikly, he uses the Vice Grips on the needle and uses it on the handcuffs to get out.
Then, Larry walks in a room with a window, he breaks the windows and gets out.
Click the window, select "other" and then type "break".
He finds a cruise ticket, and gets on the cruise.
After a slight problem with his room, he uses the telephone, and does Prank Calls 6 times.
Then he hears a message from the speakers about "cruising on the captain".
He immediately goes to the Proud Little Seaman Lounge and receaves a TMT Scorecard.
Then walks to the back and talks to the barkeeper, he ask everything he wants, and learns a lot more stuff.
Now Larry goes outside the Lounge and then left, he sees a fire hose cabinet, so he opens it.
Then he talks to Peggy (the woman with the peg leg) and asks her about her "peg leg".
Hmm, now that's interesting.
He takes the fire hose and goes left.
Here, he takes the Kumquats from the plant and goes to the library.
He reads 2 books here, one about Magnetism and one about Fokker.
Then he walks north through the hallway and finds Victorian.
He talks to her and asks her about a book. (select "other" and type anything you want)
When she's turned around, he takes the mucilage and leaves.
Then he looks at the beaver, on top op the right cabinet.
After this, Larry goes to the Heavin' Ho.(the dining room)
He eats the bean dip and farts. (click on yourself and select "fart"
Then, Larry talks to the meat carver and tries out the s'pork twice.
Great, now he's gone, so Larry takes the Carving Knife and turns off the hot lamp.
Then he takes it and goes left into the kitchen.
He looks at Fifi (the pink, hanging dog), and operates CaviarMaster 2000
After this disgusting thing, he takes the pot, and the the salt which was standing behind the pot.
Then, he looks at the fishheads and the fish net.
Yuck, he takes the wrapped fish, and reads the magazine page.
Time, to check out room 0.
So he goes to room 0 and finds......a disgusting room.
Larry looks at the toilet paper and then takes it.
He takes the can stuffed in the toilet's pipe.
Now it's ready, so he uses the fire hose with the water pipe (red pipe on left), and then flushes the toilet.
It's working, so he "piss"es and "shit"s in the toilet.
Everything is checked out, so he leaves and goes to LoveMaster 2000.
He pushes the important button and inserts his TMT scorecard in the slot reader (the lips).
After a lame score, he goes to the bowling deck and inserts his keycard into the walrus.
He takes the bowling ball and plays, again a lame score.
Then he goes to the "Best Dressed Competition".
Third time's the charm, but not for Larry, because he again, has a very low score after unzipping the Mannequin's fly.
Well, off to better luck somewhere else, so he goes to the Poop deck and looks at the two young women in the tub.
It seems, that they are the Juggs, and are going to play in the Proud Lil' Seaman Lounge.
After this chat, Larry goes to the Horseshoes Compo, err, sorry I mean competition.
And then he puts his scorecard in the centaurs ass, yuck!
He goes to the area where tha mast is located and climbs it.
He looks at the sail and goes room before the casino.
Then, Larry looks at Venus' foot and takes a couple of dice.
Now that man's is gone, he can climb the scafford.
Up to the ceiling, he notices a steel spike, and he takes the screwdriver.
He climbs down and goes to the ballroom.
Here, Larry finds Jamie Lee Coitus and he talks to her.
Hmm, she's fresh out of ideas and he suggests Leisure Suits to her.
Now all he needs to find is some polyester.
So, he goes to the clothing optional pool and gets a swimsuit from Dick.
After Drew took his towel, he looks at her and talks about "Fokker".
Then he read's the Person's magazine and asks Drew about her book.
If Larry doesn't get the book, he tries later until he's got it.
He returns to the dining room, and eats some bean dip.
And now, for the final, he goes to the casino, and stands REAL close to the people at the craps table.
Then he "farts" and the crowd's gone, SCORE!!
To cheat, he uses the toilet paper on the dice he took from Venus's foot and plays.
Larry plays the game with the shaved dice and wins, of course.
He is invited by Dewmi Moore and goes with her, this game is not so tough.
But if all fails, press CRTL+C to see what's in her cup.
After she drugged him, he returns to her appartment and takes the orgasmic powder from the table.
And now, it's time to do something about that prudish librarian.
Larry returns to her and asks to look up a book.
She turns around and he takes the Prudish and Proud book.
Larry removes the jacket from the Prudish and Proud book.
Then, he puts the cover from Prudish and Proud on the book he got from Drew.
And finally, he puts the "erotic book in jacket" on the stack.
He goes back to the Proud Lil' Seaman Lounge and orders a "lime juice" from Johnson.
After a little problem, he still gets it, and now he orders a "gigantic erection".
Johnson says, it'll take a while, so he opens the door on his left and goes inside.
This must be the Juggs' dressing room.
He replaces the deodorant with the silicone lubricant and pushes the red button.
Now, he leaves the dressing room, and gets the drink.
The button made the lighting truss come out, so he looks at it and takes the white lamp.
CRASH, Larry, be more careful.
But it isn't bad because he's got a hot lamp, so he inserts the hot lamp into the truss.
Then he talks to Johnson again and orders another "gigantic erection".
Larry goes back to the Jugg's dressing room and presses the red button again.
He goes out on deck and ask Peggy about a "cabin boy".
Then he re-enters the Proud Lil' Seaman Lounge and goes on stage with the Juggs.
After a nice scene, he is back into his room and returns to the Proud Lil' Seaman Lounge.
He goes on stage and takes the Chase Lights, then he walks left on the stage and gets the remote control.
In his Inventory, Larry turns on the remote control to check everything.
He goes out on deck and walks left to the area where the mast is.
Larry opens the circuit box with the screwdriver and goes back to Victorian (the Librarian).
He looks at her screen, wow, LSL6.
Then, Larry talks to her and ask her about the weather.
After he's back in his room, Larry returns to her and tells about "Lovemaster 2000".
Larry wins this contest and goes back to the room with the collapsed dice.
He climb the scafford again and uses the chase lights on the steel spike.
Then he turns on the remote again just to check.
Okay, all systems ready, so he goes back to the Horseshoes competition.
There arrived, he turns on the remote and inserts his keycard again.
Because he cheated at this one again, he wins.
He goes to the room with all the pictures on the wall and walks through the greens laserbeams.
Ignoring all those guns, he walks to the door and "push"es it.
Larry reads the bulletin board in this room, and finds 2 interesting notes.
Then, he takes the wire and the KZ Brand Jelly.
Then he goes back to Peggy and asks her about the locker.
Now, he asks the combination. (38 - 24 - 36)
He returns to the break room, and opens the locker.
Click on the lower left locker, and open it with the combination.
He enters a chamber, and talks to Xqwzts.
Because he sells dirty pictures, Larry buys some.
Click on Xqwzts, select "other" and then type "buy pictures".
After this, he returns to Peggy and asks her about "Xqwzts".
Now, he goes to Peter the Purser, in Das Grande Atriumo.
Larry asks him about his passport.
Now, he returns to the box, he opened with the screwdriver earlier, next to the mast.
He looks at the box, and uses the fuse with the jumper wire.
Then he climb the mast and waits until the sail is lifted.
Now he walks right and uses the Carving Knife with the sail.
He's trapped now, so he waits until morning, and is released.
Larry returns to Jamie and hands his Polyester Cloth to her.
Now, he uses the mucilage with the dirty pictures, and uses the dirty pictures with his keycard to form Photo Id.
He returns to Peter the Purser, and gives him the Photo Id, now he receives his passport.
Larry returns to the ballroom and reads the note pasted on the door.
Then he goes through the door leading backstage.
After this wonderful show, he lands up in his room again.
He returns to the ballroom, and reads the note that's pasted on the door.
Larry returns to Xqwzts and gives him his passport.
Now, Xqwzts's gone, so Larry takes the custodial key and uses the screwdriver on the air vent.
Larry ends up in a dark room, and undresses.
When he's back in his room, he meets Annette, and gets a blow job from her.
He takes the handkerchief, and smells it.
Larry returns to the Best Dressed Competition, and unzips the Mannequin's fly again.
After he's won this, he returns to the room with the chocolate moose.
It's in the Heavin' Ho.
Look in the back for a VERY small door.
He looks at the chair where the old man was sitting, and takes the Insurance Policy.
Larry reads it and returns to Peter the Purser.
He uses the phone, and asks about Annette Boning.
Then he talks to Peter and asks about his account.
Peter leaves and Larry looks at the phone on the desk, he presses the red button and learns her cabin number.
Then he goes to the Aft Hold and uses the Custodial Key with the door.
He enters the Bowling Pin Room, and opens the little door.
Then he uses the deodorant spray on the bowling pins.
He leaves this joint, and goes to the Lower Aft hold.
Again, he opens the door with the Custodial Key and enters the beaver hold.
He milks the beavers and returns to Drew Baringmore.
Larry asks Drew about eveything, and Drew says she wants to go to his room.
But there's one problem, Drew's clothes are in her suitcase which is locked up.
Larry leaves her, and oes to the Forward hold.
He opens the door with, sigh, the Custodial Key, and enters the luggage hold.
After a little while, a monkey (this isn't Monkey Island, Al) throws a suitcase on Larry's head.
This is Drew's suitcase, so he takes it and returns to Drew.
Drew goes with him but first takes a shower.
Larry flushes the toilet, and Drew leaves him.
Bummer, but he goes to Annette's suite, better luck there!
He opens the door and goes inside.
He smells the big cloth covered thing and undresses.
He jumps in the bed, and kills the old Boning by a heart attack.
Then, in his room, he takes the mold under the shower and returns to the Boning Cabin.
He uses the doorbell, and uses the knife on Annette.
Then he uses the life policy on her and gets a stock certificate.
Now he uses the KZ jelly on the handkerchief, and goes back to the Bowling competition.
He inserts his keycard again, and uses the treated handkerchief on the bowling ball.
He plays and wins the Bowling competition.
Larry returns to Proud Lil' Seaman Lounge and listens to Clinton's jokes, until he has five more points.
He goes to the kitchen and uses the milk with Cybercheese 2000.
After the cheese's been made, Larry uses the kumquats on the cheese.
After the cooking, Larry looks at the phyton and goes to the Cook-off competition.
He gives the pie, and it's disgusting according to the judges.
So, he uses the orgasmic powder on the quiche and gives it again.
This stuff's great, perfect score.
Select from menu, and select about, good for 1 point.
After he's won the Cook-off, he goes to the captain's quarters and knocks.
He goes inside, and gives her the stock certificate.
OKAY 1000/1000 nicely done.
The End.
This game will be continued in "Leisure Suit Larry 8 : Lust In Space".

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