Enter the bar, sit down and buy a whiskey.
Stand up and go north.
Give the guy the whiskey, and you get a remote control.
Get the rose and enter the toilet.
Sit down and read the wall.
Stand up and look in the washbasin.
Get the ring and leave the bar.
Whistle a cab and go to the store.
Buy magazine, wine and a condom.
Go outside and give the bum the wine.
Dial 555 6969.
Dial 800 326 6654.
Get back in store.
Go outside.
Answer phone.
Go to the casino.
Buy apple from man in barrel.
Enter casino.
Play blackjack.
Win 10000.
Go north.
Get disco pass from ashtray.
Go east.
Sit down behind pillar.
Go outside.
Go back to Lefty's.
Enter Lefty's.
Knock on door to the east.
Give the password(Ken Sent Me)
Turn on tv with remote.
Switch channels a lot of times.
Go upstairs.
Undress, and then put on condom.
Have sex.
Remove condom.
Get candy.
Climb out window.
Fall into Trashbin.
Get hammer.
Climb out.
Walk out front.
Go to disco.
Show card to bouncer.
Enter disco.
Sit down.
Look at woman.
Talk to woman.
Dance with woman.
Give her ring.
Give her candy.
Give her rose.
Give her money.
Go to Wedding Chapel(East of Casino)
Talk to man.
Enter wedding chapel.
Marry Fawn.
Return to casino.
Enter elevator.
Press 4.
Knock on door with heart.
Talk to Fawn.
Turn on radio.
Go to store.
Dial 555 8039.
Go back to Honeymoon suite.
Drink wine with Fawn.
Do Fawn.
Untie yourself with knife.
Get rope.
Go back to hooker.
Climb outside.
Tie rope to railing.
Tie rope to Larry.
Climb over.
Break window with hammer.
Get pills.
Go to the Eight' floor of the casino.
Look at girl.
Talk to girl.
Give pills to girl.
Push button on her desk.
Enter elevator leading to penthouse.
Walk to the right.
Open closet.
Inflate doll.
Screw doll(2x).
Talk to girl in pool.
Enter pool.
Give girl apple.
That's it, you've finished Larry 1
Ok, I now this is a short walkthrough, but you can understand it, can't you?
Walkthroughs should be like this, short, but easy to understand.
It's a lot better than all those long walkthroughs.
222 out of 222 available points.

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