Leisure Suit Larry has been spotted (in graphical or text form) in the following games.
Freddy Pharkas

Yes, this is Leisure Suit Larry's great-great-grandfather (or whatever :-)

Just before uploading I found this shot :

Yes, that's right, Zircon Jim Laffer is reading a sleazy magazine on the toilet.
You can find him by opening the toilet in the beginning of ACT 2 and in ACT 3!

Laura Bow 1 : The Colonel's Bequest

Yes, he's back, but now in text form.

Police Quest 2

Yupz, at the airport, you can once again find Larry as he appears in Larry 2!

Space Quest 4

In Space Quest 4, Leisure Suit Larry was infected by a virus.
If you wanna know more, go to the Leisure Suit Larry 4 page!!

If you know any more games in which Larry appears, please E-mail me.

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