In Los Angeles
Get Dollar3
Look through hole in fence1
Buy lottery ticket3
Show winning ticket10
Sit in green room1
Win Dating Game20
Get cruise ticket6
Win big lottery prize12
Get one million bucks7
Buy swimsuit5
Get change for swimsuit3
Buy sunscreen9
Get Grotesque Gulp3
Pay for Gulp3
Get haircut3
Get passport from trash5
Look at jogger in park1
Get onklunk7
Show passport at dock9
On the cruise ship
Get fruit3
Get sewing kit6
Use sunscreen 1st time3
Get bikini top7
Use sunscreen 2nd time3
Lie on lounge chair3
Get wig from barber3
Get spinach dip2
Push lifeboat switch8
Get in lifeboat2
Launch boat5
Use wig5
Throw dip2
Use sunscreen5 AUTOMATIC
Use sewing kit10 AUTOMATIC
At the resort
Take flower3
Sit down in restaurant1
Get seated3
Get knife2
Take matches3
Take soap3
Take bikini bottom4
Wear bikini5
Put money in top12
Get body waxed3
Get past agents12
Wear leisure suit6
At the airport
Give flower to Krishnas7
Look at barber3
Get haircut3
Show passport5
Get bag with bomb5
Bomb explodes15
Buy ticket5
Get bobby pin7
Buy insurance3
Take pamphlet11
Show ticket3
Take bag from seat5
Give pamhlet to man8
Wear parachute4
Pick lock5
Open door6
On Nontoonyt Island
Use knife8
Get stick4
Crawl under bush6
Use stick10
Cross swamp5
Swing on vines6
Get vine4
Propose to Kalalau10
Talk with father25
Get ashes6
Get sand3
Use vine11
Use ashes10
Put bag in bottle5
Use match5
Throw bottle10
Kill evil doctor30
Grand total500

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