Look in binoculars2
Look at plaque2
Get wood2
Get mail20
Give credit card52
Get the knife38
Sharpen the knife50
Get grass20
Weave grass30
Get soap12
Drink water2
Wear grass skirt10
Carve wood50
Sell statue35
Get towel2
Get a tan30/TD>
Look in mirror2
Go to theater50
Look at Cherri5
Offer land25
Ask for divorce10
Ask for deed30
Get deed20
Knock door/dance68
Pay fee10
Make it w/Suzi100
Get decree20
Get card100
Wear suit25
Open locker168
Wear sweats4
Work out100
Use soap60
Dry off 22
Go to studio3
Help with video99
Go to sunroom3
Pick flowers25
Look at Patti5
Show decree100
Give lei100
Ask for date125
Talk to Al5
Get wine15
Sit thru show100
Push button nine4
Pour wine500
Put on panties20
Put on bra20
Put on hose20
Put on dress10
Get bottle25
Get tips25
Get marker50
Fill bottle37
Give tips43
Throw panties100
Look at Dale1
Drink water20
Finish maze 100
Drink from river42
Use hose 15
Tie hose40
Get plants10
Make rope100
Throw rope20
Tie rope20
Get coconuts25
Rip dress50
Remove bra5
Load bra5
Kill pig140
Push log10
Mount log20
Go down river150
Use marker500
Pull plug40
Grand Total 4000

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This points list is copyright © by Al Lowe (it came out of his book)
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