Porn Prod Office
Get coffee pot1
Receive camera from Silas1
Look at engraved plastic1
Drink water1
Get Aerodork card5
Get resumes8
Read resumes3
Read Dr.Pulliams card1
Wash hands (barrel)1
Play 8 track5
Get video tapes6
Degauss tapes6
Get battery charger8
Put tape in camera4
Put battery charger in wall socket8
Hook camera in battery charger3
Unplug battery charger1
Outside building
Look at statue1
Outside airports
Get boarding pass for each trip16
Inside LA airport
Show Aerodork card to camera9
Use boarding pass7
Inside plane
Get magazine8
Read magazine5
As Patti inside FBI lab
Look at Dr. Rolfing3
Look at shooting bra3
Look at woman technician3
Get contact number1
Pick up DataMan11
Pick up DataPacks20
Insert DataPack into DataMan7
Insert second DataPack1
Pick up bra6
Look at bra2
Wear bra5
Inside Limo
Get champagne from car bar6
Show DataMan to driver8
Larry in New York
Take quarter from charity canister5
Read Limo sign1
Call for Limo3
Get appointment calendar12
Look at appointment calendar11
Go behind potted plant on left1
Talk to Maitre d'3
Get punched tape4
Use punched tape in music box12
Sit in dining room until Michelle arrives3
Put tape in 2nd tape reader12
Give money to Michelle5
Give credit cards to Michelle5
Give organizer to Michelle5
Film Michelle's actions60
Call for Limo2
Ass Patti in Shill building
Look at Des Rever Records sign in lobby3
Show DataMan to guard6
Get gold record12
Play record at 33 1/3 spd forward3
Play record at 33 1/3 spd backward3
Play record at 78 spd forward3
Play record at 78 spd backward3
Play synthesizer8
Give champagne to Reverse Biaz18
Get cassette40
Larry in Atlantic City
Pull slot machine handle in airport5
Look at sign for Limo phone number1
Call Limo3
Talk to lady outside Casino; guess number2
Put dollars in poker machine4
Go to show and look at Jennifer Jiggle8
Give camera to Ivana8
Put on skates3
Talk to Lana6
Talk to Lana while sitting on bench2
Return skates3
Pay $500 to bouncer at show12
Turn on camera4
Film experiences with Lana60
Talk to Casino doorman2
As Patti at K-RAP
Enter access code to open office door1
Get key from potted plant10
Get letter opener4
Open desk with key13
Find access code5
Find folder5
Read folder4
Use copier12
Use shower in office bathroom7
Get rapper clothing1
Get blank reel of tape in Control Rm B4
Work the controls to eavesdrop8
Record conversation4
Rewind and take tape7
Sing into mic and break window15
Larry in Miami
Read sign about Green Card1
Read sign about Limo1
Get quarters from cigarette machine5
Call Green Card supplier7
Call Limo3
Get card from trash12
Get doily5
Answer all receptionist's questions13
Use Doily8
Talk to receptionist after using phone17
Fiddle with Chi Chi's button (closeup)2
Give her Green Card15
Watch Chi Chi dance40
Film encounter with Chi Chi20
Larry flying back to LA
Engage autopilot100
Patti and Larry at White House
Use shooting bra on Julius (Mr. Bigg)100
Grand Total1000

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