Bared Cord12
Broke Tram15
Called Maintenance8
Called Room Service1
Called Turn Down9
Changed Into Towel6
Charlotte Arrives10
Chilled Champagne12
Chilled Cloth6
Cleaned Filter10
Done Merrily20
Done Thunderbird20
Don't wipe ass-2
Drank beer-5
Filled Lamp15
Fixed Leak7
Fixed Machine10
Found Burg Steaming10
Found Free Locker4
Found Orange8
Gave Art Match4
Gave Batteries15
Gave Flowers5
Gave Gammie Cloth6
Gave Gammie Orange6
Gave Gammie Water6
Gave Key To Merrily15
Gave Shablee Condom13
Gave Shablee Gown14
Gave Shamara Bracelet20
Gave Shamara Diamond20
Gave Shamara Lamp20
Gave Shamara Orchid20
Gave Shamara Champagne20
Gave Shamara Pearl20
Gave Shamara Sculpture20
Gave Shamara Words20
Gave 1st Beer6
Gave 2nd Beer8
Get Badge15
Get Beaver3
Get Beer6
Get Belt8
Get Bracelet12
Get Brochure2
Get Diamond10
Get Flowers4
Get Glasses Case from Bar7
Get Hand Cuffs15
Get More Beer6
Get Pearl15
Get Tower Key6
Give Hand Cuffs15
Got Batteries20
Got Drink10
Got Enema From Rose15
Got Flashlight2
Got Lamp14
Got Room Key2
Greased Piston6
Hooked Up Gammie2
Inflate Beaver14
Jump In Mud1
Knocked Hall Door1
Learn Burgundy Wants Beer2
Learn Char Wants Batteries2
Learn What Gammie Wants3
Learn Merrily Wants Key2
Learn Shablee Wants Gown4
Learn Thunderbird Wants Hand Cuffs2
Leave With Gammie5
Light Lamp With Match8
Light Match12
Look Through Hole (Easter Egg!)1
Loosen Lid5
Made Impression10
Made Key Copy20
Made Key Copy On Bungee Tower30
Make Floss Suit20
Moved Plants5
Open Sunglass Case4
Opened Shock Door12
Opened Tram Hood6
Plugged In Cord7
Read Blue Card2
Read Pink Card2
Read Red Card2
Remove Chilled Cloth3
Remove Filter4
Replace Filter4
Rode Tram2
Shablee Closeup2
Take Dump2
Take Sunglasses Cloth8
Take Sunglasses4
Talk To Shamara4
Thunderbird's Door Knocked10
Tightened Lid3
Took Champagne6
Took Condom4
Took Cord6
Took File8
Took Floss4
Took Gown13
Took Hand Creme2
Took Lard6
Took Match4
Took Mineral Water6
Took Piss2
Took Random Key2
Took Seat Cover2
Took Shower3
Took Shower While Muddy3
Took Soap2
Took Toilet Paper2
Took Towel3
Took Wash Cloth4
Took Wrench8
Turned Camera12
Unlocked Larry's Door5
Unplugged Cord10
Use Badge12
Wash Hands2
Wet Wash Cloth6
Wiped Ass1
Wore Swimsuit12
Worked Out7
Total Points1000

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