Nr Is Can Be Found At
1 SOAP Decks of PMS Bouncy and mast
2 Coconut Poolside with Drew, Forward hold
3 Deodorant Aft hold (after spraying bowling pins)
4 Perfume Cabin when you meet Annette. Take life insurance policy, Smell hankie, Smell cloth thing(in old man's room)
5 Fart Fart anywhere (Eat bean dip first)
6 Unknown Cabin and Aft Hold
7 Unknown Lovemaster 2000 and Kitchen
8 Venuzuelan Beaver Cheese, Mold Smell Cheese, Smell Mold, Make Cheese
9 Chocolate The room with the Chocolate Moose

Anybody who knows what smells 6 and 7 are or know other places you can find the smells should E-mail me!!!!.

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